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It’s Been Too Long

By January 26, 2012hanson says this

Hey all. Sorry for ignoring this here blog for so long. Things and stuff have been strangling up my mind since my return from Central America in December. But now I’m back! Physically and mentally. Mostly.

I don’t really have a topic for this entry so I will just tell a quick story. Years ago I was driving in the north west corner of New Mexico. If you’ve ever driven out there, you know that there are sections of road that go on for miles and miles and miles where the road does not bend. You really don’t need to touch the wheel if your alignment is in good shape. So after a full day of driving I was getting pretty exhausted. The clock read around 3am. Way in the distance I saw some headlights traveling toward me. As the vehicle got closer I became more and more convinced that it was on the wrong side of the road, heading for a head on collision which my Chevy Corsica would undoubtedly not handle well. We hurdled toward each other at break neck speed. “Why won’t that car move over to their side of the road?” my tired brain asked a million times in only a few seconds. As the inevitable moment of impact drew closer and closer, and my debilitated reflexes prepared for extreme maneuvering, I got ready for the occasion of these two cars, mine and their’s, meeting in the same place at the same time. And right before it happened, convinced that this crazy late night driver was attempting to end their lives or something, I screeched into the desert on the right, causing the dust and sand of the New Mexico flatlands to plume into the air. Struggling to keep my speeding automobile under some semblance of control on the now granular surface, I watched the other car pass by, in their own lane of traffic, safe and sound. Feeling betrayed by my senses, but relieved at the outcome, I embarrassedly crept back to the pavement and travelled to the closest parking lot to catch a few hours of much needed rest before continuing the journey.


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