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Hey all.  Thanks for visiting the new website!  Pretty awesome, right?  There are so many fun and easy things that are on here that I don’t even know where to begin.

– Updates will be including sweet pictures from here on out.

– You can click on the individual update and make comments about it.

– The photos page is even easier to navigate, with a few new pics right now and many more to come.

– The video page makes it so with one easy click you can be basking in the glowing warming, warming glow of H&H videos.

– You can follow our twitter updates right there on the main page and follow us with a click of the mouse.

– You can join the H&H mailing list right from the main page to get all the important happenings sent right to your inbox.  And when you do join, you get sent a link to download a free mp3 of an out of date H&H tune.

– You can subscribe to the RSS feed for this site and it’ll let you know anytime a new update or blog post is up for your enjoyment.

– You wanna visit all of H&H’s pages in one sitting?  Not sure why you would want to do that, but you can!  Just look for those little badges that connet you to H&H’s homes on Facebook and Bandcamp and Revebnation and Twitter and Myspace.

And finally, this here blog is gonna be super rad.  I’ll be posting awesome pictures, like this:

Confused, would we?

I’ll be posting polls sometimes so you can do things like this: [poll id=”3″]

Over all it”s gonna be a much more fun place to visit and read about what Herb and I are thinking and doing.  If you’re into that sort of thing.  So thank you much for checking it out.  And don’t be afraid to comment.  Let’s build a nice little community here.  Rock!


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