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Hi everybody!  Summer is right around the corner and things are getting pretty exciting at the H&H home base.  Oh summer, the time of year for hiking and biking and festivals and camping and music and what ever else you’re into.  But since you’re here at H&, you’re obviously into music.  Specifically Herb & Hanson’s music.

First off, we have a couple of great tours shaping up.  In July we’ll be heading up to the north east.  Then in August, we’ll be doing a mid-west thing on our way to and from the Hoxeyville Music Festival.  Not to mention a bunch of shows in the mid-atlantic region.  Old haunts and new.  Keep coming back here and to the gigs page to stay up to date on where we’ll be and when.  And not to mention the possibility of new blog posts and new photos and new videos and new tweets and new everything!

And of course, as always, thank you all so much for your constant support.  You all are my favorite.


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