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Silver Sub Obituary…of Sorts

By June 28, 2012herb's eye view

I don’t wanna lament too much on the Silver Sub; it’s still a bit too soon and my feelings are still a bit akimbo.  Her ultimate demise was her transmission and we all of us involved saw that coming:  from her never fully engaged 3rd gear, to her maybe-grinding-maybe-not 2nd gear, her 5th gear that loved to just pop out while in the middle of doing 75mph, up to the final weeks of her life where she just refused to go into reverse, it was perpetually apparent how she was going to go down.  And down she did.  But, enough of this.

Instead, let us reminisce on some great things that she has done during her 3-year, 75,000 mile tenure as the Steed for the Duo of Acoustic Destruction:

-She successfully navigated winter white out blizzard conditions from Frostburg, MD on our way to Pittsburgh, PA.

-She allowed me to hot-wire her for a full week before I came up with the money and time to get her fixed up to be started the conventional way again.

-She provided us with a free room at many Walmart parking lots all across this great land.

-She never blew a tire.  Ever.

-She safely brought us to over 300 gigs.

-She was working on her 3rd clutch, her 3rd timing belt, and her 7th set of tires.

-She conveyed 4 fully-grown humans with 4 sleeping bags, 4 tents, 120 beers, and Rolly (a cooler) over 10 hours to northern Michigan just for fun.

And as I was cleaning her out before the tow truck arrived to take her away, she left me with a final present: a PBR underneath the seat.

Thank you, Silver Sub.  You will always have a special place in my heart.



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