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This summer has been going pretty well so far.  We were all over the place in June.  Bringing our tunes to the mid-atlantic with reckless abandon.  We successfully conquered the north east in July.  It is now official Herb & Hanson territory.  We’ll be returning to the great north this October to enforce our laws of rock and easy going-ness.  We are already looking forward to taking over the mid-west this August with our sweet melodies and raucous instrumentals.  Look out Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan!  Truly this has been a summer worth remembering.  And still so much to look forward to!

But with all this traveling on the schedule this summer, I just wanna make sure that you all know we will never lose our love for playing for the hometown crowds in Virginia.  It’s really the best.  This week we have two shows for you in the northern section of “The Mother State” (we call Virginia that because Jamestown was the first colony and that was the seed that formed the USA):

First off, we’ll be continuing our monthly residency at good ol’ Ragtime in Arlington, VA this Thursday night.  We always look forward to the mini-reunions that take place when we play there.  Can’t wait to see who’ll be there this Thursday!  Maybe Hannah will make her triumphant return after so many months in seclusion.  We miss you.  Don’t you know that?!

Next, we’ll be returning to one of our new favorite places to play, Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, VA.  We’ll be there this Friday night to bring on the Acoustic Destruction.  You all gotta check this place out.  They do everything right.  Everything!  The food is great!  The beer selection is top notch!  The music…. Well, H&H are playing there, so you know they’ve got a good ear!  Hope to meet some new folks and catch up with the old folks.  It’s gonna be a great night.

Please run on over to the gigs page and see when we’ll be in your area.  We’re playing a ton of new places this summer and need all the help we can get.  If you know some folks in Bloomington, Indiana, please tell them about our show.  If you live near Kent, OH, shoot us an email and we’ll tell you how you can help make our upcoming performance there a success.  We couldn’t do this without each and every one of you all reading this.  And we are eternally grateful for your ears and hearts.  Thanks!


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