Heading North

By July 2, 2012updates

Hey all.  Thanks so much to those folks in Virginia that weathered the storm with us last weekend.  It sure was fun playing for everyone at William Jeffreys in the emergency lights.  It wasn’t as fun hearing about how serious the storm turned out to be.  I hope you and yours are all safe and sound.  And hopefully most or all of you have gotten power back or are staying with friends and family to keep cool down there.  Cause it’s hot as a crotch right now.

Coming up next week we’ll be heading to the north for some super exciting shows.  Sunday night we’ll be in Brooklyn (Hanson’s newest home town).  Then we head even norther to Greenfield, Massachusetts to play at what appears to be a super cool venue called The Arts Block.  And then we go even NORTHER to Morrisville and Burlington, VT to rock out a couple of shows for our transplanted friends who hopefully bring lots of people with them because we only know two people in Vermont.  And the trip rounds out with a show at The Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan next Tuesday.  Sounds like a pretty wicked awesome trip, no?

So if you live around those parts, please lend a hand and help get the word out that we are coming to your area to rock off socks adn melt off faces.  We’d appreciate it.  See ya there!


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