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Hi all.  Did everyone feel that beautiful chill in the air this morning?  So excited that fall is finally settling in to bring us all it has to offer.  Including hoodies.  You gotta love hoodie weather.

This week we’ll most likely be wearing hoodies as we head out to our shows.  On Friday night, we’ll be making the trip to Fairfax, VA to play an intimate evening of songs at Fat Tuesdays.  Show starts around 930pm.  On Saturday, we’ll be rocking out at the National Pike Arts and Music Festival near Frostburg, MD.  This is a one day festival featuring music and arts and crafts and wine and beer and crabs.  Maryland loves their crabs.  It all takes place at The Hen House on Rte. 40 (National Pike).  So please join us for this super awesome time.  For Fall.

That’s it for now.  Bye everybody!

Oh wait, I forgot about your graphic reward for reading the update.  This week, we’ll give you some fungus I saw one time that was beautiful.  Enjoy:


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