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Short and sweet this morning:

We’ve got two shows for the publics pleasure this week.  First off, we’ll be back in Arlington, VA this Wednesday night to continue our monthly residency at Ragtime.  You guys know what this show is about.  Always a great time.  Show starts at 930pm.

And then on Friday night we’ll be shooting up to Wheeling, WV to play at Down On Main Street.  This is a place that I wish was where I lived so I could hang out there as much as I want.  Show starts around 10pm this particular evening.

On Saturday we’re playing a party at Q and Susan’s place.  If you know them and are going to the party, we’ll see ya there.  If you don’t, I’m sorry, you can’t see us play that night.  But you should really make an effort to meet Susan and Q at some point in your life because they are great people.  We’re honored to be playing the Psychedelic Shindig this year.

And if you missed it last wek, Hanson wrote a blog post about the origins of the H&H symbol that you guys see all over the place.  Read about it here:

That’s it for this week!  And as your reward for reading, here is a picture of Hanson dressed up as Dr. Emmit Brown from Back To The Future:


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