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Although the playful days of summer are hesitantly put behind us, I am always happy to welcome my favorite part of the year.

The harvest signals a time for a much needed rest from the hectic summer growth.  The climate drops hints to the foliage that the time for photosynthesis is nearing an end leaving us with a spectacular array of reds, yellows and oranges before their trees buckle down for the winter months.  Beans and onions begin to stew in vats of an over-abundance of tomatoes picked from the stubborn and persistent vines of the season prior.

Football is finally back in full motion while baseball gears up for the post-season and hockey (hopefully) is right around the corner.  Apples return with a vengeance paradoxically reminding us how forgettable peaches can be.  Costumes are being fretted upon by the prepared and are finally a glimmer of a thought in the minds of the unprepared.  Vacations are moving from the coasts to the mountains – and, oh!  How the mountains have missed us…

Most importantly, as we continue to drive around bringing and slinging our tunes around, Hanson and I will no longer sweat….as much.

Seriously, this summer had us sweating an entirely too gross amount to realistically convey with mere words.

No more rusty strings the next day after a single night of use.  No more embarassing shirt sweat-stains revealed after peeling our instruments off of our bodies.  No more entering a car baked like an oven and smelling like feet because Hanson left his flip flops in there to broil.  No more frozen water bottles strategically placed in the crotch while driving to the next show to be later drunk upon thawing.  No more warm beers from the car because we forgot to get ice…again.

Ah, yes! ‘Tis a sweet, sweet season indeed this Fall.

Happy Equinox, everybody!


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