Wine and OUDY and Fire!

By September 17, 2012updates

Hi all.  Thanks to those who enjoyed the music last week.  Those were some fun shows.  Especially when Eddie and robin joined in for a tune in Wheeling.  And especially at the 19th annual Psychedelic Shindig.  Great times.

We keep the momentum going this week with a handful of different shows for you to choose from.  On Friday, we’ll be doing a show at a new winery in Virginia called The Barns Of Hamilton Station.  Sounds swanky, no?  That show is from 6-8pm.  Should be rad.  On Saturday, Herb and Hanson meet up with Rolli’n Ralph and T-Peg at their favorite bluegrass haunt in Old Town Alexandria, Tiffany Tavern.  We’ll be singing some sweet, sweet melodies from 830-1230 that particular evening.  And to round out the week, we’ll be participating in the Friendship Firehouse Picnic in Alexandria on Sunday afternoon.  H&H go on at 245pm.  But there’s lots of music and activities and stuff all afternoon long.  You should check it out for sure.  Tickets are $30.

See you guys out there!  And here’s your picture of the week.  It’s the freakin’ SUNSPHERE!!!!!


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