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Hi all.  Thanks to those who enjoyed the music last week.  Those were some fun shows.  Especially when Eddie and robin joined in for a tune in Wheeling.  And especially at the 19th annual Psychedelic Shindig.  Great times.

We keep the momentum going this week with a handful of different shows for you to choose from.  On Friday, we’ll be doing a show at a new winery in Virginia called The Barns Of Hamilton Station.  Sounds swanky, no?  That show is from 6-8pm.  Should be rad.  On Saturday, Herb and Hanson meet up with Rolli’n Ralph and T-Peg at their favorite bluegrass haunt in Old Town Alexandria, Tiffany Tavern.  We’ll be singing some sweet, sweet melodies from 830-1230 that particular evening.  And to round out the week, we’ll be participating in the Friendship Firehouse Picnic in Alexandria on Sunday afternoon.  H&H go on at 245pm.  But there’s lots of music and activities and stuff all afternoon long.  You should check it out for sure.  Tickets are $30.

See you guys out there!  And here’s your picture of the week.  It’s the freakin’ SUNSPHERE!!!!!


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