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Thank thank thank you so much to all you folks in Vermont that came out and enjoyed the music on this last tour.  The “West Virginia of the North” treated us kinder than kind and we can’t wait to get back up there to play more music for you all.  Massachusetts was alright too, I guess (not really).  And New York City has its charms (It was great to meet you, Autumn.  Call me.).  But Vermont was the best of the best.  Damn!  They got some awesome leaves up there.

A few of you leapt out above the pack, and I want to recognize you here personally.  Mike and Kaitrin, thanks for the meals and the roof over our head.  Dan, thanks for the enthusiasm and beers at the Trapps.  Glenn, thank you again for helping us out professionally.  Matt, thanks for the roof as well.  And for the great conversations and movies.  I still think Alien vs Predator is pretty awesome.  Sarah and Rick, you know how awesome you are.  I can’t wait to get back to the Worthy.  It’ll be worth it.  And thanks to Rachel and Justin for the coffee and good times.  Congrats on the house!  I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.  To the girl who went home to get her tap shoes and rocked out with us on that Hartford tune:  Get ready for when we come back.  We’re gonna work up something special.

Trying to live up to VT’s wonderfulness this week, we’ll be playing in Arlington, VA and Blue Ridge Summit, PA.  These are some exciting shows.  We love playing for the home town local crowds in Arlington, VA.  And we are super excited to get back into The Unique in PA.  It’s been a while guys.  Get ready.  And don’t wear socks.

And here’s your photographic prize for reading this weeks update:  A picture of Hanson dancing with Herb’s sister at New Years because he drank her beer and she was pissed so he put a giant bow in his beard and danced with her….:


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