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I know you all wanna see as much H&H as humanly possible, but things have been going great here at H&H headquarters the last few months, and we are rewarding ourselves with a lighter schedule for a bit.   So, you’re just gonna have to look forward to the future even though we are all trapped in the present.  November has a few gems in it though.  The Halloween Party is coming.  We’ll be returning to Charleston, WV and The Empty Glass.  And Wheeling better get some emergency supplies because we are going to Acoustically Destroy Main Street later in the month.

I’m also going to try hard to get you guys some new stickers to look at.  And FINALLY get some new t-shirts for you to wear.  We currently are almost sold out of t-shirts.  I have 1 large left and 2 mediums.  So get ’em while you can.  We are not reprinting the same design at this time.

As your special treat for reading this weeks update, here is a picture of some llamas and sheep that I met in Vermont:


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  • nort says:

    I like that you “met” them and didn’t just “see” them. I hope you were met with typical llama/sheep hospitality.

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