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We had a great time in Charleston, WV last week.  It was great to be back in The Empty Glass to share some tunes with the good folks of capital city, WV.  This week, we’ll be taking our unique brand of Acoustic Destruction to our old haunt of Ragtime in Arlington, VA, continuing our unofficial monthly residency there, Thursday night at 930pm.  That’s the old news.  The new news is that we’ve got some new material that will probably make its way into the set this Thursday night.  You won’t wanna miss that.  The songs are still in their rough and formative phase, but they are pretty darn good and we are very excited about them.  Here’s your chance to hear them before anyone else.  Make it so.

In other news, we’re working hard at filling out the schedule for this winter.  Please take the time to check out the gigs page to find out when we’ll be coming to or near your place of residency.  We get tons of comments and emails from folks that say they wish they knew we were playing in such and such a town the day after the show happens.  If you would like a friendly reminder of when we’ll be coming to your area, please sign up for the H&H mailing list on the home page of this site.  We’ll only send messages when they are relevant to you and of course your information is kept under lock and key.  AND, you get a free mp3 of a song that you cannot get anywhere else.  Make it so.

And finally, as your visual reward for reading this here weekly update, here is a picture of a restaurant in Honduras that sells dancing beans and rice. Enjoy:


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