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Since Thanksgiving is happening this week, we here at H&H headquarters would like to throw out some thanks to all those out there that make what we do possible.

– Thanks to all of you fans.  You are the only reason there are other people to thank.  Without you coming to the shows and buying all the cds and t-shirts and such, we would probably be working in a cubicle somewhere stressing out about our 401k and feeling like we are wasting our lives.  And nobody wants that.  So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and fandom and friendship.

– Thanks to all the venues and booking agents that like us and believe in us enough to have us come in to your establishments to entertain.

– Thanks to anyone that has let us crash at the house when we are playing music in your town.  It is never expected and always appreciated.  And most times, this usually leads to a lasting friendship.  Keep that in mind ladies.

– Thanks to those who have donated their talents in any way to our cause.  We have been so fortunate to have relationships with incredibly talented people who have repeatedly offered their services.  From musicians to graphic designers to webmonkeys to visual artists to recording engineers…. There are too many to mention by name (and I am terrified that I would forget someone).  Thank you.

We have so much to be thankful for.  And here is something for people in Wheeling and Shepherdstown, WV to be thankful for:  We’re coming to your towns!  Wheeling on Nov. 30th and ShepTown on Dec. 1st.  Oh yeah!

And here is your visual reward for reading this update: A picture of some sort of animal riding a bike.  Is it a beaver?  Is it a woodchuck?  I have no idea.  This sticker is stuck to my water bottle.  Thanks Davis!


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