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That’s not really a question I ever expected to ask myself. But that’s exactly what I’ve been wondering the last couple of weeks ever since my mother showed me the trinkets she brought back from her trip to Jamaica last month.  Here is the item in question:

My mother collects boxes. Little artistic reminders of the places she’s been and the people she’s met. She probably has about 60 or 70 little boxes in her collection from all over the US and the world. So when she was in Jamaica last month, a box was probably near the top of her list of things to purchase. She saw this box and loved it. She says she didn’t know what the “flower” on the top was until she asked somebody. She also claims that she didn’t know what the metal spikes inside the box were for until she asked the maker.

Which I guess I believe. But the thing is, she still bought it. My mom bought a grinder. In Jamaica. And brought it back here. That is hilarious.


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