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Did your candidate win? Did your candidate lose? Are you suffering from severe Election Blues? Are you just glad that the whole mess is just about over? We are too. And to celebrate the end of the insanity for at least two and a half years, we will be rocking out in Charleston, WV this Thursday evening at the world famous Empty Glass. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been down that way and we can’t wait to play some tunes for you all in capital city.

We’ve been utilizing the lighter recent schedule to finalize some new tunes for you all, work on some graphic designing, catch up on our drinking, etc… ¬†But we are super excited to have shows trickling back into the calendar. ¬†Winter time is traditionally slower for us, but this year we are gonna try and push as hard as we can and play everywhere there is to play. Get ready.

Photo reward for reading: Pig.


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