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Happy Monday everyone!  Thanks so much to everyone that participated in last weeks musical performances.  We had a great time at Cause and Polly’s party and Dante’s.  Really enjoyed sharing the night with The Bumper Jacksons.  You all should check them out for sure.

This week there is only one show.  Cry.  But it’s gonna be a gerat one up at The Unique in Blue Ridge Summit, PA.  We’ll be there this Friday night.  Show starts at 8pm.

I would also like to take this time to inform everyone that it is ok to sign up for the mailing list if you want to.  On the right side of the main page of our site, there is a little box for you to type in your email address and zip code.  Why your zip code?  That’s so I don’t send you an email every week.  If you live in Vermont, you most likely don’t care about tours in the south and such.  The only ones that the whole list gets are the seasonal newsletters and any time anything super awesome happens that you all should know about.

I know what you’re thinking… I already follow you guys on facebook and twitter and all that jazz.  Is this really necessary?  Short anser: Yes.  Long answer: Yesssss.  It is really the most efficient way for everyone to get the information they want.  Facebook limits who sees our updates unless we “promote” them by paying money.  Twittter has its obvious limitations.  So many folks send messages after shows happen saying that they wish they knew abou them.  The mailing list is the best way to do this.  AND, when you sign up you get a free unreleased H&H song as well.  It’s a good one.

Thanks everybody!

And here is your photographic reward for clicking on and reading this update.  This week, we have a shot of our friend Davis looking at the tip of his thumb he just cut off while trying to make some burritos while we were on the road.  This was a while ago and everything worked out fine and hilariously.


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