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I did it!  I cancelled my cell phone.  I’ve never been much of a phone talker.  I prefer to talk to a person in person.  Or the exact opposite: not vocalizing at all, and only communicating via email where I don’t have to suffer the humiliation of that moment of silence when my incredibly clever jokes don’t land successfully.  That shit’s embarrassing.  And after my kind of recent parting ways with the special lady friend, it didn’t take long to realize that talking and texting with her was about 95% of my cell phone use.  For the last few months I use about 10 minutes and send/receive about 30 messages.  (I have friends, honest.  I just see them all the time.  Seriously, ask anyone.  I have tons of friends!  My mom says I’m the most popular guy in school)  I think I can do without.

Now mind you, I didn’t have one of them new fangled “smart” phones.  I rocked a “dumb” phone.  It made calls and sent and received text messages.  That’s it.  Oh, and it took really crappy pictures that I couldn’t do anything with because I had no way to get them off of the phone.  And I was paying a tad over 56 dollars a month for this wonderful service.  Screw that.  I imagine it was a bit easier for me to part ways with the technology than the folks who are constantly connected to the world wide web in their pockets and purses, and can actually START memes rather than learn about them a few weeks after their prime.

It was a bit difficult to actually pull the trigger on the cancellation.  Most (read: all except one) people I talked to about this thought it was a terrible idea. What would I do in case of an emergency? (I’m not convinced those really happen)  What if I got a flat tire? (I don’t have a car)  How would I call my mom? (I gotta figure that one out)  How will I conduct business? (It’s all done over email these days)  I honestly could not think of a viable reason to continue to give Verizon all that money.  So it’s gone.  Today (Feb. 28th) is the last day it is active.  If you’re a person that had my number and contacted me every once in a while, shoot me an email and I will give you the skinny on how things have to work from here on out.  I got a system.  It’s not that difficult.  Trust me.  And thanks!


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