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Etoile Pics 013

It’s been a couple weeks since the last show.  How are the withdrawals?  Terrible.  My addiction to playing music for you guys is gonna be tough to kick.  I’m struggling so far.  But time will go on, and before you know it we’ll be standing in front of you pouring out our souls in the form of Acoustic Destruction.  Can’t wait.  But for now I am just stopping in to let you all know that Herb is alive and well.  Or someone stole his phone and sent me an email yesterday.  Here’s a pic of Herb at the southern terminus of the trail.  2200 miles to go!




  • Maricel Quirante says:

    Herb, nice to know you are doing ok, despite your withdrawals from performing. Enjoy each part of your journey and be safe! Thanks for the update. We look forward to hearing more about your adventure!

  • Jeff frizsell says:

    Herb send me a message when you get to Nc/Tn border I live near hot springs would love to throw some back. The AT has a crossing there. Hanson hope your well cheers fellas.

  • Oliver says:

    Glad to hear he’s alive! He sounded pretty worried when his mom mentioned that he left his Hello Kitty socks in the dryer. :/

  • Jman says:

    Great to hear from you, Herb! I’m glad the person taking the picture didn’t run off with the camera. Although, seeing you on billboard would be hilarious! Be safe and I hope to see ya soon!

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