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Thanks to everyone that came out last week to the DC, Alexandria and Strasburg for our last run of shows before the break.  Our next show will be sometime in September of this year.  How will you scratch your H&H itch for six months?  Well, hopefully you all have the cds already.  If not, you can purchase a physical copy HERE, or you can download the mp3s off of Amazon or iTunes.  There are a handfull of live shows posted at random places on the internet.  I think THIS ONE sounds pretty good.

Both Herb and Hanson will be posting on the blog pages of this site.  Herb will be updating everyone on his walk from Georgia to Maine.  Hanson may not have anything quite that exciting to tell you, but he does have some good jokes.  Here’s one now:  There was a magician driving down the road and he turned into a driveway.  Badumdum.  And of course, there will be regular updates thrown in this section to keep you posted on anything and everything that we want you to care about.

So don’t forget about us.  We won’t forget about you.



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