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The Norovirus is traveling north with us hikers as we contaminate every shelter, hostel, hotel, motel, buffet, and Dollar General along the way. I thought I had this thing beat after being exposed to it in a shelter from two different afflicted hikers – one just 2 sleeping bags away from me. I thought I had it beat after getting through the Smokies where the weather forced us into overpopulated shelters. But, it caught up with me 3 days out of Erwin, TN on a mountain top 2 days from town. And it wasn’t that bad. Beat that sumbitch in 14 hours and hiked 15 miles the next day on an empty stomach and dehydrated. Suck it, Norovirus!

Aside from the “Hiker Plague”, the walking’s been pretty darn swell. I hung out at Laurel Falls while eating my candy-bar burrito (it’s a candy bar and a generous helping of peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla). I climbed Unaka Mountain and reveled in the pine forest up top that sheltered me from the rain and wind. I kept my beer cold in the Nolichucky River while strumming a guitar and singing songs at Uncle Johnny’s hiker hostel. I was able to witness the cloud surrounding me atop Big Bald move on to allow me a grand view of the towns below and the neighboring ranges. And just yesterday I walked 26 miles to get to the town of Damscus just across the Virginia border. That’s right, I’m in my home-state now. Boo yea!

I started writing a song the other night when I was weathering out a storm in my tent. Maybe it’ll make the cut.

Miss you all!



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  • Jeff frizsell says:

    See you soon man hit me up when you can, me and woody are gonna come hang.

  • laura says:

    Miss ya Herb. Can’t wait to get together again! Be careful out there in the wild and keep the music playin’. Saw Dylan last Sunday and was thinking of you. Lot of Love


  • Three Stcks? says:

    herb super proud of ya! glad you kicked it in the face! see you on the trail soon my friend!


  • Jman says:

    Glad you kicked the Norovirus! I can’t wait to hear the new tune when you get back. The Caps are tied 2-2 in their series with the Ranger. And the Pens are terrible. Be safe, brother!

  • Oliver says:

    Okay, imagine this – those nature sounds you’re so fond of isn’t nature’s wonders. A zombie apocalypse has set in and that kind elderly couple at that last hostel, well they succumbed to what you thought was the norovirus and are now part of the undead. In fact, all those other hikers who were “sick” are trailing you now. How fast will you hike now?!!! 🙂 safe zombie hiking, cousin. And now a daily dose of Wilson Phillips singing 60’s music from the Mamas and Papas and the Beach Boys, all awkward and karaoke-like. 🙂

  • Larry says:

    Herb wishing you a happy birthday brother!

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