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Hi guys and gals.  One of my jobs while Herb’s walking is cooking food in a kick ass food truck.  We go to various musical events and farmers markets and beer festivals and such.  I make burritos and other delicious items.  Mostly burritos though.  It’s a far cry from when Herb and Nort and I went on Phil and Dylan tour and sold the worst burritos on the lot.  They were so bad.  One time, we burnt all the rice and still sold them to people.  We told them how bad they were gonna be.  But drunk people be hungry.  And now I am making the best burritos anywhere around.  If you happen to see the Sexi-Mexi food truck anywhere in your general vicinity, you should buy one.  They are awesome.  And in case you were wondering, I am the “sexi” part of Sexi-Mexi.  Boom!

Here’s a video from last weekend when we were at the Shenandoah River Fest in Virginia.  The video starts with a shot of the food truck and then walks around to the back where the real fun was happening.  It’s me and my buddies, Justin and Erik, pickin’ on some Hartford.  Enjoy.



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