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Hello all!  We’ve got a couple of shows this weekend as we continue to slowly acclimate ourselves to our former lifestyles.  We forgot how to do it.  But don’t worry.  It’s all starting to come back to us.  The first show this weekend is at Holy Hound in York, PA.  We’ve never been there before and are excited to share our unique brand of new roots music with the good folks of York.  You guys aren’t gonna know what hit ya.  And then on Saturday, we travel to one of our favorite towns in one of our favorite states.  We’ll be rocking out at The Meck in Shepherdstown, WV from 9-12.  Always a great time seeing all of you Shepherdstonians!

The rest of November has us traveling to some fun and old and new spots.  We’ve got stops in Strasburg, VA, the DC, Wheeling, WV, Pittsburgh, and Slippery Rock, PA.  Check out the details over on the gigs page and make your plans to attend.  Do it!  Please?  And tell your friends and your family and your neighbors and that one guy you always run into at the coffee shop that Herb & Hanson are back at it!  Let’s get this thing going y’all!


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