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Howdy folks! It is a beautiful day out there on the first full day of Spring. I know, I know… I’ve heard the grumblings about another big snowstorm that is headed our way for early next week. But before that happens, we’ll be taking all of our energy, placing it into our arms, transferring it into our instruments and directly depositing it into your ears, making you forget your winter blues and allowing you to feel like sex crazed unicorns in a field of willing and able horses (I am under the impression that unicorns have sex with horses for some reason. Probably because there aren’t enough unicorns out there. And plenty of horses. It just makes sense. To me.).

So come on into the DC this Sunday night, where we will be playing at The Treehouse Lounge at 9pm. There will be a couple other acts playing as well, so you’ll get MORE than your money’s worth on this particular evening of song and dance. It should be really fun. Visit the gigs page for all the nitty gritty details. We hope to see y’all there.

And here’s some Spring to get you through that next snow storm:



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