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No, I’m not talking about asking you out. Nor am I referring to the fruit. (Incidentally, I just looked up what fruit turns into a date when dried. Turns out a date is just a date. It’s not a plum, or even an orange. Crazy.) I’m talking about dates on the calendar for when you can see Herb & Hanson in, or near, your hometown. It’s going to be an interesting summer, for sure. Do you live in San Francisco? We’ll be playing near there. How about Kansas City? We’ll be there. Costa Freaking Rica? See ya there! And don’t worry north east fans, we’ll be doing a run up there in July. I’m thinking we may need to find our way to the mid-west in August as well. And, of course, there is  a smattering (is that a word?) of shows in and around our home base region of the DC area.

And that’s just what I’ve got confirmed so far. I’ll be adding lots and lots of more shows in the coming weeks. Make sure you visit the gigs page early and often so you do not miss when we come to visit you. We will most likely need to crash on your floor when we’re there. Thanks!!!

In other, equally exciting, news, we recently received an order of brand spanking new, never been worn, t-shirts with a great new design. Here’s what on them:



Pretty cool, right? Fro now, they are available at all the shows. I’ll get ’em up here in the online store as soon as I convince my friend Belle to pose for some very tasteful photos while wearing one. Stay tuned.

For now, the next show will be on April 19th in Centerville, VA at Red Rocks. I wish it was at the real Red Rocks, but this will have to suffice for now. We’ll see all you NoVa and the DC folks there!


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