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I bet you do. There’s not much to complain about Earth. Well, I guess there’s earthquakes and hurricanes and mudslides and tsunamis and droughts and floods… Now that I think about it, Earth can be a real dick sometimes. But that doesn’t stop us from loving it. Because it also has amazing mountains and glorious jungles. And it feeds us and clothes us. It gives us beautiful sunsets and sunrises over its oceans. It gives us the excitement of seasonal changes, reminding our bodies how to do things. Earth is pretty amazing. And I’m told it needs our help.

Herb and I are gonna do what we do best and rock people’s faces off in honor of Earth. This Saturday, we’ll be a part of the 6th annual Panhandle Earth Day Celebration outside of Shepherdstown, WV. We’ve played this incredibly fun family event in the past, and it has always been an amazing time. And you get a full day of music, exhibitions, vendors and fun for free. Can’t beat that, can ya? H&H will be performing at 4:45pm.

But before that even happens, we’ll be traveling up to Newark, DE on Wednesday night to play at the Home Grown Cafe. This place looks awesome and we are excited to be part of their music scene. The show starts at 10pm. It will be awesome.



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