5/12- Pittsburgh and On Accident

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Hey hey! This week kicks off the Herb & Hanson summer-of-crazy-good-fun-all-over-the-place-nice. We’ll be doing a bunch of traveling this summer, with shows already confirmed in a slew of different states and countries. It all starts with us heading up to Pittsburgh, PA this Friday night to play at the Park House. It’s a great room with a great owner that makes great falafel if you ask him nicely.

Then on Saturday we’ll be heading to a new venue for us in Accident, MD called the Moonshadow Cafe. Wanna learn some quick history? A long time ago, the king of England promised some guy some land and told him to pick his favorite spot in western Maryland. He separately hired two surveyors (one who I think was named Hanson) to find him the primo spot to take. They both independently picked the same area. Crazy. He dubbed it The Accident Tract back then. Now we call it Accident. Dig it.

Check out the gigs page linked at the top of the page to find out the down and dirty details for these shows.

And here is a picture of some vegetables if you’re not already excited enough about summertime.



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