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First and foremost, thanks to everyone that came out last week to share in the music. We had a great time singing songs for you all. There was video taken of the Accident, MD show, and I’ll keep ya posted if it becomes viewable for those who missed out on the good times.

This week, your favorite dynamic duo of Acoustic Destruction heads south, waaaay south, to Costa Rica to play a handful of shows for some folks that may or may not understand the words coming out of our mouths. This will be our first international performance (about time, amirite?!), and we’re pretty excited about it. Our first show will be at the Roadshack in the town of Uvita on Thursday evening shortly after sunset. Then, on Saturday, we’ll be playing songs in celebration of some nuptials on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean near Manuel Antonio. And finally, Sunday has us at the Mango Moon, also in Manuel Antonio. (This one isn’t confirmed as of yet. I think it’s happening)

And in between those shows, we’ll be hiking and beaching and drinking and relaxing and looking at monkeys and sloths and having an overall good time.

Please go and check out the gigs page when ya can to make sure you don’t miss us when we roll into your home town. We’ve got shows all over the country this summer and can’t wait to catch up with old acquaintances and build some new friendships along the way.


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