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Did ya miss us, East Coasters? Awww….thanks… Well, we have returned from the June cross country tour and are revving up to head up north for a three week run through New York, Vermont, Delaware, Pennsylvania Maryland and West Virginia in July (and a little bit of August). All the dirty details are over on the gigs page. And usually the details are correct.

Let’s pause here to thank all of those people in the places we traveled last month that came out and shared in the music. And a very special thanks to all those folks that helped us out along the way, whether it was giving us a place to stay, or a meal, or even buying us a beer. Thank you so very much. We had a great time seeing folks we know and meeting folks we didn’t know yet. And we are already looking forward to returning in the future.

Back to the present—- We don’t feel like 6,750 miles was enough this summer and we are itching for more. Can we hit 10,000? Maybe. Maybe not. The next show is this Sunday in New York City at The Sidewalk Cafe. From there, we head north to Vermont for a few shows before hitting up Newark, DE and a bunch of places in PA, MD and WV. We’ve got bar shows and more serious venues and coffeehouses and outdoor shows and indoor shows and old haunts and new joints. Dag!!! It sounds fun, doesn’t it? We can’t wait. Please check out the gigs page and find out when we’re near you. And then, tell every single person you know to come out with you. And if they don’t come, you can buy them a cd and a t-shirt and tell them what a mistake it was for them to miss the good times.

Thanks for reading! Here’s your inspirational photo of the week. It’s a hole in the earth, caused by water, lookin gout upon the Utah landscape:




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