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It’s been quite a summer for us here at Herb & Hanson. We’ve been to three countries and played shows in a ton of states all over the US. I think we’ve earned a little break. Thank you so much to everyone that has come out and shared in the music with us. From Vermont to West Virginia to Missouri to California, it has been our pleasure playing for you all. Some highlights were playing for the ticos in the jungles of Costa Rica, metal night in Ventura, CA, Royalton Radio in VT, sharing the stage with amazing bands in San Diego, and seeing all of your smiling and crying faces out in the crowd.

We’re taking the rest of August to do some personal things like seeing other people play music, attending River Day, driving around looking at cool things, and maybe finding some inspiration for some new tunes to bring you later in the year. The next shows will be in Charles Town, WV at the beginning of September.

In the mean time, for all you social networkers that don’t follow us yet, you can catch up with the latest going ons at Facebook (, Twitter (@HerbAndHanson), and Instagram (@herbandhanson, @hobohanson)… I think that’s all for now. See ya in a bit. Here’s a picture of a monkey.



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