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By September 17, 2014herb's eye view

Yesterday was the anniversary of my summit of Mt. Katahdin completing my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail – a life-long dream of mine realized. I wanted to share the final entry of my trail journey with you all. I apologize for the profanity and uncouth remarks; but, in my defense, I had been living in the woods for over 6 months at that point.


We got up real early to a morning rain and headed for the park to summit. We were at the trailhead by 7:30am and we began our ascent. The ranger at the gate said the weather was gonna clear up, but our climb was doomed to be a wet one.

Homer and Hannah were impressive on this hike! We all knew it was gonna be tough and we all knew that they would slow me down a bit, but they sucked it up and fuckin’ tore Katahdin a new one. I was proud of them.

The other hikers to finish with me were Violet B, Code Walker, Carbon, Balto, Carpenter, Jabberwocky, Czech Republic and a coupla girls I never met – one of ’em took a topless Katahdin pic and we got to see some titty.

The weather began to break up while we were up on top of the mountain and watching it happen was an experience of it’s own. My sibs took a shit ton of photos before we made our way down.

Mom had a lobster dinner waiting for us upon our return.

I love my family.

Pretty fuckin’ awesome day.



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  • Hannah says:

    Happy Summitversay, Herb! Thank you for letting us share in your finale. We’re so proud of you and soo happy that you don’t have noxious gasses continuously emanating from your pores anymore:)

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