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The season is here! It’s the season where everyone struggles to find that perfect something for that perfect someone in their lives. And after they can’t think of anything, they just buy a book or a picture frame or gift card and feel terrible for disappointing the people they care most for in the world, leading to feelings of guilt and inadequacy for weeks afterward. Good times. If you find yourself in this situation, why not get the person you love a Herb & Hanson t-shirt? That would be AWESOME! For those who don’t know yet, we have recently made new shirts for you guys to wear and show off to your friends and, of course, advertise for us. heh heh. They are so new that we haven’t even put them up on the website store yet. AND, I can’t figure out how to. I’m so good at my job. Here’s a picture of my friend Belle sporting one after she received it:



Pretty sweet, eh? We have women’s shirts in the 3/4 sleeve style shown above in gray/black and light blue/dark blue. And we have men’s short sleeved shirts with the same image in red and light blue. If anyone is interested in buying one, please use the contact page on the website or shoot a message through facebook or twitter or however the kids communicate these days, and we will work out a way to collect payment and ship you a shirt or two before the holidays.

And you can of course use the online store to purchase any recordings you desire to give as gifts.



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