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Another year come and gone. First and most importantly of all, we need to send out our sincerest thanks to everyone out there that has listened and supported this little thing that we do. Without your constant love and ears, we could never be doing this. Every person that has come out to the shows, listened to the music, bought us a beer, purchased a cd, got a t-shirt, let us crash on your floors, couches, chairs or beds when we were passing through your town, threw a dollar or two in the tip jar, recommended us to your friends and families…. Thanks you!!!!!! We love you all and look forward to continuing this relationship.

This year seems to have gone by faster than a lie passes a soon to be ex lover’s lips. Isn’t that always the way it goes? Any extended period of time when looked back upon seems shorter than it seemed when you were in said period. 2014 was no different. It started off slow. I just looked back at our calendar and we didn’t even play any shows in January OR February. That’s fucking lame. What did I even do with myself? But then it picked up and we got to play music in most of our favorite cities and towns to most of our favorite people. We also did a few things we had never done before, like play in Costa Rica and California. Great times!

What’s gonna happen now you ask? Well, we’re gonna book as many shows as we can. We’re gonna write some new songs for you to ruminate upon. We’re gonna drive from town to town to town to town with instruments in tow. We’re gonna sing songs for folks we know and folks we don’t. We’re gonna make new friends and rekindle friendships with those we’ve neglected. We’re gonna have fun making music for anyone that will listen to it.

Here’s hoping this new year will be even better and open up a few more doors for your favorite Acoustic Duo of Destruction.



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