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Hey all. So, Summer is in full swing. Spring storms have passed through. Temperatures are up to almost uncomfortable levels. Baseball is a third through its season. And festivals are everywhere!

This Saturday, June 13th, we’ll be up in Greencastle, PA to play at the first ever Camp Bluegrass Festival. It’s hosted by our musician friends Eric and Kate Avey out of Pennsylvania. Gates open at 10am and music starts at noon. I think. I can’t find a schedule posted anywhere. And there are no online sales, but I have assured that if you show up with 20 dollars, an entry ticket will not be a problem. There is plenty of room for everybody. Other acts include The Plate Scrapers, Mountain Ride, The Brummy Brothers, Bailey’s Crossing and the Main Line Gravy Soppers. Sounds fun, right? Click the link above for details.

See ya there.

And for all the other shows and fun, click on over to the H&H gigs page to fins out where and when we’ll be.



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