Johnstown and Future Jazziness

By September 14, 2015updates


Hey all. We return to Johnstown, PA this Friday night to play at good ol’ Dively’s. It’s been a while since we’ve played at this smokey whole in the wall full of goodness, and we can’t wait to get back. Show starts at 10pm.

And for all you DC area lovers of H&H that also have an affinity for the smarter person’s music, we’ll be revisiting something we did a couple years back with our good friend, saxophonist John “The Smoker” Kocur in October. As part of The Strathmore’s “Uncommon Pairings” series, we’re gonna see what happens when you put together an acoustic guitar, a mandolin, a saxophone and a piano, and play music that everyone wrote independently and never intended to have this musical setup. It’s gonna be awesome. That show is on October 21st in Bethesda, MD at The Mansion at Strathmore. Here’s a link with info and tickets.



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