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Back in 2013 Jazz met Bluegrass. Everyone said, “You can’t have a saxophone and mandolin play those songs together! Won’t someone think of the children?!?!?” But Jazz and Bluegrass did it anyway. Defying social norms and expectations, they made wonderful, interesting music together. And they liked it. Afterwards, they threw out the regular pleasantries of “hey, that was great.. We should really get together again sometime… I’ll call you…” But the days turned to months turned to year and the magic was never revisited. UNTIL NOW!!!! An old acquaintance named the Strathmore decided to play rekindling matchmaker and get those crazy kids back together to make some more music and see where this rollercoaster may lead.

On October 21st at The Mansion at The Strathmore, Herb & Hanson will join forces with saxophonist John The Smoker Kocur in their Uncommon PAIRings concert series. We’ll be exploring the relationship between the two genres through performances of original compositions and interpretations of some older, more jazzy, bluegrassy, roots songs that other people wrote and probably never thought of adding acoustic guitar or saxophone or piano to those jams.

So we hope you can join us for this truly unique and special night of music. You can buy tickets at this link. We recommend getting tickets in advance, but you can do whatever you want.


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