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By March 29, 2016updates


This week continues the trend of reaffirming our life decisions by constantly throwing really unique and fun things our way.

Tonight (3/29)- We’ll be playing at The Kennedy Center (yep, that one) at 6pm as part of a kickoff show for the Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival  in April. The show is free so why the hell not?

Friday (4/1)- We travel to Accident, MD to return to the Moonshadow Cafe. Always a great time. 7pm.

Saturday (4/2)- Did you miss us Wheeling? We’ve been missing you. We’ll be returning to Wheeling to play the Mountain Moon Music Series at the Stifel Fine Arts Center. That sounds fancy. 7pm.

Sunday (4/3)- Just outside of Wheeling for an afternoon of cheep beer and rowdy fun at the Golden Ridge Saloon. 2pm. Hell yeah.



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