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February is looking pretty sweet from our vantage point.  It all started innocently enough at The Unique last Friday.  Thanks to everyone that came out for the music.  Then there was Groundhog Day.  Awesome.  And then the super bowl happened.  Not as awesome as Groundhog Day but still pretty fun.  And now, February continues in its awesomeness with a trip up to Harrisburg, PA this Thursday to play at Stage On Herr.  Nice.  And we follow that up with a set at  the Sidewalk Cafe in New York City on Saturday night, February 9th at 8pm.  Rock.

After that, we keep going north ’til we get to Vermont.  We’ve got a handful of shows up there next week that I will most likely give you details for in next weeks update.  But in case I forget, just go to the gigs page for all the details.  Also on that gigs page is the rest of February, including our show with John “The Smoker” Kocur at Sprenger Theater later this month.  So many links in this update.  What else can I link to?  How about THIS.  Or how about THIS?!  Or THIS even.

Alright… enough of the silliness.  Hope to see everyone out at the shows.  We’ll be bringing the A game.

Here is your photo reward for clicking on the link and reading the update.  This week, since today is my Mom’s birthday, I am going to post a pic of her getting down at her other son’s wedding a few years back.  That lady loves a good party!  She’s in the middle in the blue dress.  Funny side note, she broke her foot dancing that night but kept dancing on it because she was having too much fun.  True story.


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  • Michele Hanson says:

    Thanks for noting my birthday, you always remember; you surely are one of my favorite sons! Wow, I’m glad to be known as a lady who likes a good party, so true! Hope you stay warm, it’s pretty cold up north. Love you, Mom

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