Spring Cleanin’

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Happy first day of Spring everybody!  Today is the vernal equinox.  One of my favorite days of the year.  And if you know me well, you know that equinoxes equal hair removal.  Hair removal in massive quantities this time around.  Since I ignored my tradition of beard shaving last September, I had a full years worth of growth on the face.  And the last time I cut my hair was in June of 2011 when I got to officiate a wedding.  It was time for that to go.

I wrote something a little while back about beards.  You can read that RIGHT HERE.  Or you can just look at the pictures below and laugh with me at how funny my hair was and I uncool I look now.  Sigh… I was so cool this morning.  It’s like that strong guy in the bible who’s lady friend cut off his hair one time and he wasn’t strong anymore.  I’ve never been strong.  So that was no concern. But my coolness powers have been diminished significantly.  (Click the pics to make ’em bigger if ya wanna)

PhotoGrid_1363797325524Here’s the panel by panel process.  It goes from cool, to radical, to hilarious, to that stranger on the right.


Here’s my new roommate/landlord/boss/best friend being very nervous to cut off those long and luscious locks.


And here’s a bag of hair.  It’s hard to tell how big that bag of hair is from the photo.  But trust me, it was a lot of hair.




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