8/16- My Negligence Is Inexcusable

By August 16, 2013updates


Um… Hi everyone.  Sorry for being out of touch for so long.  When this hiatus started, I promised my self not to do exactly what I have been doing.  Which is slacking off on updating the website regularly so all you good people wouldn’t forget about us and then when the hiatus is over no one would come out to the shows and Herb and I would have to get other jobs just to feed ourselves but we would be too stubborn to do that so we would become homeless and destitute and have to live out in the woods somewhere and eventually die from starvation like that kid from Into The Wild.  Damnit!

But seriously, things are getting back into swing.  I’ve been booking shows for the fall and winter and will begin posting them on the schedule shortly.  Shows are gonna start up again in October and continue until we die.

If you missed the Herb update from the other day, here is the link to it on his blog.  He’s currently in Vermont and still loving every minute of his journey.  Leave a comment for him.  He’ll like that.

And for the love of god, don’t forget about us.  We cannot wait to start sharing the music again.  I hope you all cannot wait to ingest it.  Like I like ingesting corn.



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