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As the year came to a close I got curious about all the random people that come to our little home here on the internets.  How did they get here?  Why did they come?  Where are they from?  What did they do while they were here?  Did they clean up after themselves?  Did they tip the housekeeping staff?  So many questions that only Google Analytics can answer.  And boy did it ever.

We got web hits from over 40 countries.  Most hits, of course, came from the ol’ USofA.  Second on the list: United Kingdom.  Third: Brazil.  Who knew those folks craved the sweet, sweet rhymes and rhythms of Herb & Hanson’s New Roots Music?  I sure didn’t.  Other countries that I can only assume accidentally stumbled upon included Belarus, China, French Guiana, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.  I don’t know anyone from those places.  But I’d like to.

The best part about the analytic search is that I can see what search terms lead people to our website.  Most of them are understandable.  They search our names.  Some search for  a venue we have played or are going to play.  More than a few folks search specific song titles.  But the best ones are when people obviously did not intend to come to our site at all in their searches.  Here are a handful of my favorites and why I think they happened:

“Best herb soup in Manila”– This one is easy.  That’s just Herb’s name with best and soup mixed in.  And his folks are actually from Manila.  So I bet his mom has some great recipes.  Maybe she was the searcher.

“ get eggs”- huh?

“heirloom tomato lasagna”- Herb made this one time and talked about it HERE.  Sounds delicious, no?

“last minute rock”- I’m really, really, really glad we came up in this search.

“if I end up being half father”- Not sure how you can be a half father.  Or which one of us is a half father.  I gotta make some phone calls.

“ambassador of Belize”- I wrote this blog a while back and am amazed how many similar searches have directed people to click on our site.  I hope it helped!

“blogs de newroots”- Ahhh.. That must be all those Brazil hits we got.

“best herb to charm a girl to love you”- Shoot me an email and I’ll give you Herb’s number.

“herb blah blah blah”- This must have directed them to some choice blog posts….

“herb jams”- Heck yes he does!

“LL Cool J painting”- Search no further!!!

“silver sub”- Ah memories…  That’s what Herb called his old car/our tour mobile.

“hanson brothers halloween costumes”- Those poor teenage girls were probably incredibly disappointed when their search directed them HERE.

And a few more that make little to no sense and crack me up:  “types greetings in guatemala”, “what are these shirts with the h on them?”, “talking study hall”, “road trip chevy corsica”, “musik von herb hansen”, “items we can cook in an electric rice cooker”, and finally, “скачать suchenwirt vom hern hansen”.

Great times!

Disclaimer: I totally stole this idea from The Bloggess and her awesomely hilarious blog.


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